Here you'll find notes on my various projects, tinkerings, etc. Not everything here was successful, and not everything was a total burnout either. If I think it's interesting, I'll park it here.

Listed in order of most recently updated:

Configure Plex Server on Windows to use Port 80

13 May 2021

This guide assumes you’ve already installed and configured Plex to your liking, hosted on Windows. This was tested on Windows 10 Enterprise but should work on any version of Windows 10. I also assume you’re running Plex on the default port, 32400. After this is done, Plex will continue to respond on that same port as well, in addition to 80 so as not to affect any connected apps.

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Finder Sucks at SMB Shares, Here's How I Fixed It

13 January 2020

I mean, I didn’t fix Finder. There’s some problems that are too much of a dumpster-fire even for me. But I did fix this issue.

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Adventures in Homelab Cooling

13 August 2019

So, as part of my home setup that I bravely refer to as a homelab, I have a number of large supermicro servers (2U apiece) that serve as 3D rendering rigs. These are the loudest machines I have by far, especially when they spool up their fans fully to cool themselves.

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Clean Boot Partition Script

11 February 2017

Script that cleans the /boot directory. Run as a daily cron job, just because I didn’t feel like dealing with this issue anymore.

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Running Minecraft Server with SystemD

16 November 2016

At the time, there was no reliable way to run Minecraft under Ubuntu’s new systemd setup, so I had to put one together. Oddly enough I found this pretty simple and straightforward. Let’s set it up.

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Building a Router with Ubuntu Linux

04 February 2015

For my router project, I used Ubuntu server and because so much of this information is so hard to find, I’ll be documenting here for anyone interested.

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