This is my newly finished blog, taking over after I acquired a new TLD, and also wanted to cut down on hosting expenses. This website is built with Jekyll using a few different plugins, and is hosted on Amazon S3 using Cloudflare CDN to lighten the load further. I hope soon to have all my static websites moved over to this system.

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Pillar of Dawn Studios

This website was built to showcase my various cosplay exploits with my lovely wife, and to promote our Facebook page and side prop and costume commissioning business. It’s a homebrew PHP build with gallery capabilities and static page hosting, as well as a basic contact form. I will likely be converting this to Jekyll (what this site is built with) in the near future. Design wise, it has retina-ready graphics done via CSS, but aside of that, is a pretty straightforward website.

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Azures of Afterlife

This website was built to showcase my wife’s cosplay group, the Azures of Afterlife. It promotes the Facebook page and allows an easy place for the members to share their photos from while giving credit to the photographers.

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Personal Website

This website was originally built as my final assignment for my PHP class in college, and survived many redesigns largely intact until the current version you see here, which was my first Jekyll powered website. This one featured a heavily customized WordPress install and, for a time, an AJAX implementation that actually played nice with WordPress. This is on GitHub too, if you’d like to check it out.

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