3D Printing STLs

An assortment of custom STLs I've created to solve various problems. Please feel free to take and use, modify, and distribute freely.

Mountable USB Bracket

I designed this originally to fit in my truck. It attaches to the tray in the center console so that the center console can be opened, and my iPhone slides onto the lightning cable to facilitate CarPlay wired connection to the entertainment system. The part connects together with two small screws which hold the cable in place, then two other screws are driven into the mounting surface to hold it in-place in turn. This is a one-size-fits-most application, so make sure you test fit on the cable you’re going to use before attaching the base.

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2X1 Hole Template

I do the occasional bit of woodworking and regularly find myself using 2x1 pine boards (actual measurements 1 1/2” by 3/4”) for the majority of it. Working with these requires pre-drilling a lot of holes for clean results, and so I wanted a template bracket I could use to reliably and consistently place two screws into the ends, corners, etc. of the 2x1 boards I use. So I created this, which situates two screw holes at exactly 3/8” from all edges, meaning the parts go together extremely cleanly.

Planning to update this at a later time to include one for a center hole, and versions with only one fence instead of two to work in the middle of the boards.

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LED Tape Bracket

I designed this bracket to fit the LED Neon tape I purchased for my desk lighting, which itself measured 12mm tall by 6mm wide. This should be quite easy to customize for different sizes. It’s also designed to hold the tape vertically against the surface it is mounted on, since the tape illuminates on the 6mm edge, not the 12mm.

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