Holy cow Internet, it's been a Minute

Posted: August 05, 2019

So when last we spoke, dear Internet, I lamented how I’d not been blogging and was setting a goal to update this more often. That I missed doing it and forgot how fun it was.

Narrator voice: He did not, in fact, update it more often.

Nay, in actuality shortly after that was written, we found out our Duplex that had been our home since we had our own home was being sold. We jumped on the opportunity and ended up buying our own home, and learning a ton about how expensive buying a home is. Then shortly after that, we learned a lot more about how fixing up a home that the previous owners didn’t give a shit about costs, which as it turns out, is a lot.

So between moving myself, moving work, and the ensuing year of DIY projects and financial stress, well, the blog fell right off again. As things do.

Fortunately, things like this also just sort of sit when you aren’t actively maintaining them. Truth be told I had gotten too complacent and comfortable in the old place; it seems life has a way of correcting that for you when you least expect it.

So, after spending the last year or so more or less rebuilding this home, I’m finally getting back to something resembling “normal” again. I’m getting back into projects that fit the website, and as such, have a few things on the back burner to write up on.

And aside from that, having to build an entire new NOC with a bunch of new systems at work has given me a bunch of other things to write up. And I’ve continued learning powershell when I can, and I’d like to get some powershell tutorials up here.

I’ve also cleaned out a bunch of old stuff, just because images were broken, links were broken, and honestly there just wasn’t a lot worth salvaging in there. So in the digital bin it goes, to make room for new stuff.

I can’t wait. And I hope saying that this time doesn’t cause a massive change in my life again.

Take it easy.