Getting More Into 3D Printing

Posted: April 29, 2020

So recently, and by recently I mean around the beginning of the year, I got an upgrade for my 3D printer: an auto bed-leveling kit. Where before this thing was a curious toy I enjoyed fiddling with occasionally, now with the huge pain-in-the-neck task of bed leveling removed, this thing could actually be useful!

In the spirit of that, and with the new conditions of quarantine, and with Amazon being notably slower now for the kind of useless crap I like to play with, I’ve found myself wanting to make stuff rather than buy it. So, I fired up my 3D editor and built some things, and in tradition with my sharing nature, I’ve decided to plop them up here. There’s no attribution needed or credit or anything, I’m not interested in all that. They’re free as in free beer. Take ‘em, modify ‘em, share ‘em. I hope they help you out on whatever projects you may need.

Check out what I’ve uploaded.

Have a good one and stay healthy!