Windows 10 – Multiple Connections Not Allowed

First goof with Windows 10! Reporting here to fix it because of the tons of crappy “solutions” posted elsewhere.

I run a server in house that holds many of our collaborations as well as our cosplay stuff so that the wife and I can swap files easily without relying on external services. It’s quite nice, and has been in use for a long time. Then today in Windows 10 I get this:

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again.

That’s nuts, I’ve always had the same accounts logged in to numerous shares across numerous machines. This server is running Kubuntu as well, and I wouldn’t even know how to make Samba mimic whatever security setting would cause this in a Windows domain. Either way, Windows 10 was wrong, since it was working on every other machine in the house. What to do?

I took to the Google’s as I typically do but found only solutions like this, which tells you to use the IP instead of the name (why?) which didn’t work for me, and this, which if you’re well versed in command prompt you already see the problem; they’re disconnecting network drives to allow the user to connect to a different share. Those looking for solutions that aren’t in my situation, please go there as there is some valuable info.

For someone with multiple shares to the same machine this solution is garbage, and would be garbage also if I tried to connect from a different computer. So I kept looking, but because this a Windows question you get page after page after page of stack overflow questions covering the same damn topic with the same solution that doesn’t work. It didn’t make sense: Why would Windows explicitly block connections to the same server with the same user?

But I digress; I was on my own. It occurred to me that the error message implied I was connected to too many things, yet the only share I had access to at the time was a full access to everyone share (the drop box for my rendering machine.) All of the shares that required a login username and password were inaccessible. Clearly, Samba on Kubuntu was working, and clearly so was the file sharing protocol on Windows 10.

I made the leap that these were shares created previous to my upgrade, on Windows 7. Now Microsoft never ever breaks stuff between Windows versions of course, but just to be certain, I deleted all the mapped drives, rebooted the machine, and mapped them again.

Everything worked fine.

I rebooted the machine to be sure and all the network shares worked perfectly right off again with no objections.

So, if you migrate from Windows 7 and all your shares stop working, take note that apparently Microsoft changed how they worked between Windows 7 and 10 and your old ones may not work correctly.